Curriculum Vitae

Marcus Klimke, born on 20 March 1968 in Weimar (Germany)

1985 - 1986 technical college for woodprocessing

1986 - 1988 formation as a joiner and graduation

1988 - 1992 school for violinmaking in Mittenwald and graduation

1992 - 1993 civilian service in Munich with handicaped people

1993 - 1995 repair and restauration of string instruments in the workshop of Michael Becker, Chicago

in 1994 Certificate of Merit for Violin tone in the VSA competition , Violin Society of America

1995 - 2001 assistant in the workshop from Patrick ROBIN and Andrea ROBIN-FRANDSEN in Angers, France, construction of string instruments

Oct. 2000 Gold Medal for Viola in the Cremona Triennale and special prize for the best scroll

Nov. 2000 Gold Medal for Viola in the VSA competition (Cincinnati)

Apr. 2001 Bronze Medal for Viola in the Mittenwald competition (Germany)



Fall 2001

Opening of a workshop in Angers, France

construction of Violin, Viola and Cello


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